Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Disclaimer

Allow me to direct your attention to this post. It is my disclaimer for everything published on this site.

1) I am NOT a formally trained chef. I am a self-taught n00b that plays with food, with zero training of any kind, other than simple trial-and-error and reading books/watching videos. I make no claims to know what the heck I am doing.

2) I do not cook with measurements. When I am posting instructions or recipes, I will try my best to use actual measurements (cups, teaspoons, etc), however most of my cooking is done by "dash, splash and dollop."

3) I am 100% geek (I type as my husband makes wookiee noises behind me) and much of what I post here will have a geek bent to it. If you don't understand my references...that's not my fault. Wikipedia is your friend. If you do understand the references...Lok'tar, my friend...Lok'tar.

Now that all that mess is out of the way...let's have some FUN!

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